Elevate Your Ghost Blog with Personalized Recommendations

Discover a new dimension to your Ghost blog by seamlessly integrating personalized recommendations directly into your content.

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In this guide, we'll walk through the process of effortlessly adding recommendations to your Ghost theme. Plus, we're excited to share that our premium Ghost themes come pre-equipped with a tailored recommendation system, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for your readers.

Step 1: Unleashing the Magic of {{recommendations}} Helper

Uncover the potential of the {{recommendations}} helper, a dynamic tool empowering you to effortlessly display a curated list of recommended sites as configured in your Ghost Admin. Ghost provides a clean default template, but the real magic lies in customizing it to suit your theme's unique aesthetic.

{{#if recommendations}}
    <ul class="recommendations">
        {{#each recommendations as |rec|}}
            <li class="recommendation">
            <a href="{{rec.url}}" data-recommendation="{{rec.id}}" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
                <div class="recommendation-favicon">
                    {{#if rec.favicon}}
                        <img src="{{rec.favicon}}" alt="{{rec.title}}" loading="lazy" onerror="this.style.display='none';">
                <h5 class="recommendation-title">{{rec.title}}</h5>
                <span class="recommendation-url">{{readable_url rec.url}}</span>
                <p class="recommendation-description">{{rec.description}}</p>

Step 2: Tailoring Recommendations for Your Audience

Tailor the recommendations display with finesse using a variety of attributes:

  • Limit: Define the maximum number of recommendations to showcase, with a default set of 5.
{{recommendations limit="10"}}
  • Order: Arrange recommendations based on any valid resource field, whether in ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order.
{{recommendations order="title asc"}}
  • Page: Enable pagination effortlessly when the recommendations surpass the defined limit.
{{recommendations limit="5" page="2"}}
  • Filter: Infuse logic-based queries to filter recommendations, adding a touch of personalization.
{{recommendations filter="favicon:-null"}}

Step 3: Advanced Customization for a Personal Touch

Empower your Ghost theme with advanced customization options to control when recommendations take center stage:

  • Show Recommendations Only When Enabled:
{{#match @site.recommendations_enabled}}
    <h2>Handpicked Recommendations</h2>
  • Open Recommendations with a modal via the portal:
{{recommendations limit="5"}}
<button data-portal="recommendations">Discover More</button>

Step 4: Seamless Integration into Your Ghost Theme

With a solid grasp of the {{recommendations}} helper and its flexible attributes, seamlessly integrate recommendations into your Ghost theme.

Override the default template by creating a new file named recommendations.hbs in your theme’s partials folder, allowing you to infuse recommendations with your unique style.

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