[Update] Single theme buying option has been added

[Update] Single theme buying option has been added

Hello everyone,
We are happy to announce Single Theme Purchase option to Visioun along with a Yearly & Lifetime subscription. Some of our users suggested an option to buy an individual theme. So We have decided to add an option so that users can buy single themes.

You've asked & we made it happen.
~ Salehin Khan

How does it work?

  • Each theme now has a price on it & a button to purchase the theme.
Goblin Theme
  • Once you click on buying option you will be scrolled down to the pricing section
  • It is required before buying a theme or a subscription you need to signup
  • After sign-up/ sign-in Make the payment.
  • Once we receive your payment you will get an email with your purchased theme file & setup guide link
  • You can also access the theme you bought from your Account Dashboard under My Themes section

What happens to the subscriptions?

We don't have a plan to remove the subscriptions & subscriptions will be there as it is, but we've increased the price of our yearly plans.

This is all for today. Thanks for being with us

Team Visioun

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