Visioun Newsletter Issue #1 -- Improved Filter for members, Email CTA, Membership Tier

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Newsletter Issue 1

Today we have started a newsletter for the members of visioun. We will be sending out important updates from ghost, regarding security updates, improvements, features updates, etc. so that as a member of visioun, you will be kept informed right to your inbox

Today We will share some recent features announced by ghost.

Segment members with advanced filtering

Ghost added powerful filtering tools to the member dashboard, allowing you to create segments and carry out bulk actions such as adding or removing labels.

It's now possible to filter your members by label, email subscription status, member status, billing period, emails opened, emails sent, email open rates, and more.

Filtering Members

With members filtering you will be able to do the following:

  • Find out who your most engaged members are
  • Add labels to a filtered list so you can deliver emails to specific segments of your audience
  • Unsubscribe unengaged members from receiving emails to improve your email deliverability
  • Export segments of your audience to use in other tools.

To get this feature please update your ghost version to the latest version 4.18.0

Email call-to-action(CTA)

With the brand new email card in the editor that allows you to send call-to-action content to free or paid members in your email newsletters.

Email CTA Card

With the email CTA Card, you can include custom content in your emails and invite your audience to take action.

Membership Tiers

This is one of the most awaited features from a lot of ghost users. Now you add multiple pricing tier on your ghost publication

Membership Tier

Check out the official release note on this feature & the user guide to how you can turn on the tier pricing on your ghost admin

From Visioun Blog

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