GiLLi Setup Guide


GiLLi is a blog & magazine theme for Ghost with a clean, modern design that fits for everyone who wants to share their stories as a magazine or as a blog.

Theme Installation

  • Download the theme from Dashboard
  • Log in to the admin section of your Ghost blog
  • Go to Setting > Theme file
  • Click on the Upload a Theme green button.
  • An upload box will open, then choose the theme (
  • Once uploaded. Click on Activate now button to activate.

Create New Content Api Key

You will need content api key in order to make the search function work.
From Ghost admin, click Integrations from the sidebar menu, then click + add custom integration.


Now, give the new integration a name, for example, Search and click Create.


Now the new Content API is Created. after created the page will look like below

Next, click Code injection from the sidebar menu and add the following code to the Blog Header box and replace the XXXX value with your API KEY.

  var ghosthunter_key = 'XXXX';
  var ghost_root_url = "/ghost/api/v2"

Click Save & your search functionality will be working Just Fine.

Enable Disqus Comments on your Post

Go to Code Injection and add the following code to the Blog Header box and replace the XXXX with your disqus Identifier

     var disqus_shortname = 'XXXX';

Click Save & Disqus Comments will be showing on your Post Page

Members / Subscription

Subscribers can be enabled via a checkbox on the Labs page (Labs > MEMBERS (BETA)), in your Ghost admin panel:

Once enabled, you will see below new items on the theme:

  • Signin & Membership on Nav
  • Free & Paid Members CTA
  • At footer a newsletter form

We created the membership extra pages with ghost native pages . so there is no need to upload an YAML file for routing but you need to create some Pages like Signup, Signin, Membership & Account. Its pretty simple as creating a ghost page.

Signin Page

  • Go to Pages > New page
  • Give a title to the page eg. Welcome Back!
  • You can choose a cover image for the page
  • set Page URL to signin
  • Now you need to choose the template to Signin

Yay! Sign-in page is created

Signup Page

Create a page as descried above with different page URL & Template

Page URL: signup
Template: Signup

Account Page:

Page URL: account
Template: Account

Membership Page:

Page URL: membership
Template: Membership

To edit plans features, you can edit the partials/membership/plan_xxxx.hbs file.