InoLetter Setup Guide

Theme Information

Version: 4.2.5
Released: Nov 28, 2020
Updated: May 30th, 2022
Changelog: See bottom of the page


Newsletter focused premium ghost theme to create & launch a Newsletter site in no time utilizing the power of Ghost Publication Platform

Theme Installation


In order to make the search functionality work we need to create Content API from ghost admin. To create Content API follow the steps:

From Ghost admin, click Integrations from the sidebar menu, then click + add custom integration.


Now, give the new integration a name, for example, Search and click Create.

Now the new Content API is Created. after created the page will look like below


Now go to Setting > Design, From left panel Expand Site Wide & Put the Content Api Key to Search API key field. Click Save & the button for search a navbar will appear.

Subscriber form CTA title & description

To override the Title & sub-title of subscriber form Go to Setting > Design, From left panel Expand Site Wide & use the fields called CTA title & CTA text.


Save it & the changes will be reflected at the subscriber form at post & homepage newsletter section


Theme Translation

Thunder supports Ghost i18n and comes with English translation. You can easily translate it to your desired language.

To use another available language than English, go to Admin > General > PUBLICATION INFO > Publication Language and enter the Language Code Reference.

Lets add a language that is not included in the theme. In this case we take German language as an example.. to do that go to your theme folder & look for locales folder
Then duplicate the en.json tode.json as de is the German language code & replace the texts with your German Texts..

Change Log

May 30th, 2022
    Released Version 4.2.5
        [+] Added Ghost 5 Support
        [+] Files Updated
            - package.json
            - /assets/css/layouts/content.css
        [-] Removed unused file (/partials/membership/plans.hbs)

May 10th, 2022 - Vesrion 4.2.1
    [+] Bug Fixes
        - Dark/Light toggle CSS Issue
        - Lightbox close jumps to top


If you need support please feel free send us an email at [email protected] or Send a DM/Tweet at Twitter @Visioun_

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