InoStack Setup Guide


Newsletter theme for ghost publishing platform to build an independent newsletter like revue or substack

Theme Installation

  • Download the theme from Dashboard
  • Log in to the admin section of your Ghost blog
  • Go to Setting > Theme file
  • Click on the Upload a Theme green button.
  • An upload box will open, then choose the theme (
  • Once uploaded. Click on Activate now button to activate.

Custom Routes

The theme comes with a routes.yaml file whcih can be found on the themes compress folder. In order to the custom pages (Pricing, Account, archive, signup/signin) work you need to upload the routes.yaml file.
To upload the routes.yaml file follow the steps:

Go to Setting > Labs & Look for Upload ROUTES.YAML button & Click on that & you will be able to upload the file.

Theme Translation

InoStack supports Ghost i18n and comes with English translation. You can easily translate it to your desired language.

To use another available language than English, go to Admin > General > PUBLICATION INFO> Publication Language and enter the Language Code Reference.

Lets add a language that is not included in the theme. In this case we take German language as an example.. to do that go to your theme folder & look for Locales folder
Then duplicate the en.json to de.json as de is the German language code & replace the texts with your German Texts..

If you need any assistance setting up your theme you can always reach to us at [email protected]