Paluto Setup Guide


Paluto is a minimal personal blog & newsletter ghost theme. It's a hybrid theme & you can use it as a personal journal, blog, or even as a newsletter at the same time. With the power of Ghost you can publish your content on your site & send them to your subscriber..

Theme Installation

* An upload box will open, then choose the theme
* Once uploaded. Click on Activate now button to activate.

Theme Setting

In Paluto setting up your theme became super easy, Thanks to ghost custom settings. The Settings contains the following sections.

To go setting interface Click the Setting Icon from your ghost admin & then click Design, We will go through step by step available theme setting of Paluto.


Under Brand the available options are:

Site-wide Settings

This section contains the settings, that applies to site-wide

Dark Logo

The theme has option to toggle dark and light mode. So you will need two logo to adjust the color combination of Dark & Light mode

If you want to use an image based logo then please follow the steps below:

Enabling the Search

To turn on the search option in the theme you need to create & provide here the Content API Key. To create Content API Key follow the steps below:


* Now the new Content API is Created. after created the page will look like below


Homepage Hero Section

On Home Page hero section, the contents (Title & Sub-Title) comes from your publication title & description. You can simply edit those from Setting > Design from Left panel Expand the Homepage Settings. Here You can override the hero Title, Description & can also add an Image Avatar if you want to add.



After installing & activating the theme the next step is to configure the search. In order to make the search functionality work we need to create Content API from ghost admin & then need to put the API key in Ghost head. To create Content API follow the steps:

From Ghost admin, click Integrations from the sidebar menu, then click + add custom integration.


Now, give the new integration a name, for example, Search and click Create.

Now the new Content API is Created. after created the page will look like below


Now go to Setting > Design, From left panel Expand Site Wide & Put the Content Api Key to Search API key field


Click Save & your search functionality will be working Just Fine.

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