[Theme Update] What New on Goblin v1.1.0

[Theme Update] What New on Goblin v1.1.0

Hey There!

We have released a new version of Goblin v1.1.0 . Now setting up your theme became super easy with ghost custom theme setting feature. You can easily update theme settings right from your ghost admin. No more code injection or messing with the theme file.

What Settings has been added?

  • Dark Logo
    Now you can define a Dark Logo right from your ghost admin section
  • Hero Section
    Edit or update Hero Section title or subtitle or even add an extra image to the hero section right from ghost admin
  • Search API Key
    Easily turn the Search feature on by providing a search API key from Theme Setting Section
  • Enable/Disable Comments
    You can control if you want to use comments or not on your ghost publication from the Theme Setting section

All Settings under one place (Setting > Design)

Site Setting option

I hope you like the new updates of goblin.

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